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Thursday, May 9, 2019

New Kid by Jerry Craft

E/A. Craft, Jerry. New Kid.  Harper, 2019. 249p. 978-0-06-269120-0. 21.99.

Middle Grade Graphic Novel

Jordan Banks loves to draw, and he wants nothing more than to start his 7th grade year at an art
school, but his mom has other plans. Instead, she wants him to attend a prestigious private
school—Riverdale Academy Day School.  His father is worried that there is not enough
diversity at this new school, and sure enough, Jordan is only one of the few diverse kids
at Riverdale. It’s difficult enough to be in middle school, but to be a new kid at a middle
school where the other kids are very privileged, who vacation in places like Aspen or
the Adirondacks, where the teacher confuses your name with other African American
boys, and even the librarian thinks that the only books that would appeal to you are the
gritty problem novels. Jordan can’t help but feel like an outsider, lost and alone, as he
tries to get through his classes, make new friends while staying clear of upperclassmen
and bullies, and generally trying to survive the school year until he can convince his mom
to send him to art school. This singular graphic novel is full of insight and humor, and
definitely answers the call for #weneeddiversebooks. For fans of Jeff Kinney and Raina
Telgemeier. Must-have for all general YA collections.

Camille Campos, LAPL, Benjamin Franklin Branch Library

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