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Saturday, December 1, 2012



V/A  Hoose, Phillip.  Moonbird.  (A Year on the Wind with the Great Survivor B95).  Farrar Straus Giroux, 2012.  148p.  978-0-374-30468-3.  21.99.  Welcome to the biographical-like story of a feathered creature (approximately 20 years old at this book's writing) who has logged approximately 18,000 flight miles each year of his life.  This shorebird and his kin fly in early spring from the southern tip of Argentina to Quebec to breed: in the fall, they return south for the winter season.  Amazingly, their built-in radar and sensitive bills, guide them to the right stop-over sites for feeding and resting.  Along with the author, many young volunteers, licensed bird banders and biologists are interested in the survival of this species.  This title can be a shareable treasure -- both in the home and classroom -- on ornithology and the importance of coastline conservation.  E.M. Roublow, LAPL, San Pedro Branch.