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Monday, September 1, 2014



G/A  Cooper, Michael L.  Fighting Fire!  Holt, 2014.  128p.  978-0-8050-9714-6.  19.99.  Through ten horrific episodes of fires -- including New York's 9/11; Chicago's Great Fire of 1871; and San Francisco's 1906 fire, "ignited" in the aftermath of an earthquake -- we learn some history of firefighting.  Bucket brigades, simple hose carts and volunteer fire companies are a few of the early forerunners of today's safety codes, continuously updated equipment and professional firefighters.  Approximately 30 pages are devoted to a gallery of fire engines, a list of fire museums, internet sites, a glossary, an extensive bibliography, supplemental titles, source notes and an index.  This title could be handed to a student who expresses admiration for and/or shows an interest in preparing for fire service.   E.M. Roublow (ret.)

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