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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Andre the Giant: Life and Legend

YA/Adult Graphic Novel

G/A  Brown, Box.  Andre the Giant: Life and Legend.  First Second, 2014.  240p.  978-1-59643-851-4.  17.99.

Andre the Giant was one of the pioneers of professional wrestling. This graphic biography covers his life from boyhood (having to ride in the back of trucks because he couldn't fit in the cab) to his wrestling career, film debut (in Princess Bride) and death. Andre suffered from acromegaly, which caused him to age prematurely and continue to grow his whole life. Even through the pain (and heavy drinking) he continued to wrestle past his life expectancy. Unless your teen patrons are interested in the history of professional wrestling, this book will have more appeal to an adult audience, who is already familiar with Andre the Giant. Some of the content is questionable for teens as well, including bad language, violence and racism. Otherwise, the artwork is great and it's an interesting read about a man who was literally larger than life. Loren Spector, LAPL, Memorial Branch Library

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