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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

General YA Fiction

G/A.  Laybourne, Emmy.  Monument 14.  Feiwel and Friends.  2012.  304p.  978-0-312-56903-7.  16.99

A post-apocalyptic near future is the setting for Laybourne’s debut novel. Fourteen youth ranging from kindergartners to high school seniors find themselves trapped in a superstore and faced with an uncertain future in the aftermath of a series of natural and man-made disasters. Though seemingly safe and with more than adequate provisions, the youth still must deal with internal power struggles, teen hormones and homesick little children, not to mention the threat from the adults outside who either covet supplies or who have succumbed to the dangerous side effects from the ensuing chemical fallout. An exciting opening and ending sandwich a sometimes repetitive middle. Having said that, it’s still a quick and easy read that will leave readers wanting to know what happens next in the planned sequel. Recommended for high school since there is mention of drug taking, drinking and some sexual situations as well as an allusion to an attempted rape.
Patsy Pinedo Tuck, Eagle Rock Branch, Los Angeles Public Library

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