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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

All You Never Wanted

F/A  Griffin, Adele.  All You Never Wanted.  Knopf, 2012.  240p.  978-0375870828.  16.99.

Sisters Alex and Thea may be close in age, but they couldn’t be more different. Alex, the high school senior, was always the prettier, more popular one, but lately she’s been acting strange and barely eating. High school junior, Thea is trying to change her image to be more like her older sister, even going so far as trying to steal her friends and boyfriend. Her method: lying about everything. She’s desperate for attention. The book takes course over a weekend when their parents are out of town and Thea wants to throw a party. Unfortunately the writing out shines the plot in this novel. When you find out why Alex is behaving so strangely, no amount of good writing can make up for the silliness of it. Loren Spector, LAPL, Felipe de Neve

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