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Monday, April 2, 2012

Those That Wake

General YA Fiction.

F/A Karp, Jesse. Those that wake. Harcourt Children’s Books, 2011. 336p. 978-0-547-55311-5. $16.99.

Taking place in the near future, New York City is a shell of its former self. The corporations have taken over the running of the city, because the government broke down in the aftermath of a second terrorist attack, known as the “Big Black.” Technology allows both a constant stream of targeted advertising, and the means of keeping tabs on citizens’ whereabouts. In order to avoid the authorities’ notice, people keep to themselves, eyes firmly fixed on their cellphone screens.

Teenagers Mal and Laura take this isolationist environment for granted. They could not be more different, but they come together in order to learn what has happened to their families.

Karp is clearly inviting readers to think about technology and corporate culture, telling an interesting story in the process. Unfortunately, the writing just doesn’t bring all the storylines together.

Anjelique Granados, CoLAPL-Angelo M. Iacoboni Library

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