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Monday, April 2, 2012

Dreamland Social Club

General YA Fiction.

NR/A Altebrando, Tara. Dreamland social club. Dutton, 2011. 389p. 978-0-525-42325-6. $16.99.

Jane and her brother have inherited a house in Coney Island, from the grandfather they never knew. The timing is perfect, as their father is between jobs, enabling the family to move from London to Coney Island for a year. Their mother having passed away when Jane was six, she thinks this will be a chance to find out who her mother really was. At first, all Jane can see is the weirdness of Coney Island, but she soon falls in love with its history, its inhabitants, and its potential future.

This coming of age story is a love letter to Coney Island history, but even the main character is flat, and the plot lines are poorly executed.

Anjelique Granados, CoLAPL-Angelo M. Iacoboni Library

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