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Monday, August 7, 2017

The Cruelty by Scott Bergstrom

High School Fiction

G/M. Bergstrom, Scott. The Cruelty. Feiwel and Friends, 2017. 371p. 978-1-250-10818-0. 18.99.

When special agents from the Bureau of Diplomatic Security show up at her door, Gwendolyn Bloom knows something serious has gone wrong with her dad.  She is shocked to find out that he has gone missing and even more surprised when she discovers his diplomatic job was just a cover.  When the trail for her father grows cold, and the Bureau is no longer is aggressively pursuing his case, Gwendolyn takes it upon herself to go search for him.  With the clues that her father left for her and with help from friends, she leaves New York with little more than a backpack and first travels to Paris, where he was last seen, following clues that take her all across Europe.  Her search plunges her into a world of organized crime, witnessing first-hand the cruelty and brutality of it, and is forced to commit unspeakable acts herself.  This spy action-packed thriller is at times unbelievable, but is overall engrossing. However, with the level of violence in the book, it is recommended for older teens and young adults.  There is a sequel in the works, and the film rights for the book has been optioned by Paramount. Camille Campos, Benjamin Franklin Library, LAPL. 

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