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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Novice

Young Adult Fiction

G/A Matharu, Taran. The Novice.  R.R. Donneley & Sons, 2015. 350p.  978-1-250-06712-8. $18.99

As a baby orphaned, Fletcher, was taken in and raised by the town black smith. Helping his guardian sell his wears at the fair, Fletcher comes face to face with a war veteran with a journal from a battlemage. Fletcher helps the man out of a sticky situation with the town's bully only to find himself running for his own life. But before the warrior leaves, he gives Fletcher the journal. While reading the book, Fletcher accidentally summons a demon of his very own named Ignatius.  This leads him to Hominum and ultimately Vocan Military Academy, the school for battlemages. This world is filled with political and physical battles between the Elves, Dwarves and Humans; even though they battle amongst themselves they are all at war the orcs...with the machinations of humans being the most deadly threat, even among their own kinds. Dawn Fetcher, Inglewood Public Library

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