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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mike's Place: A True Story of Love, Blues and Terror in Tel Aviv

Graphic Novel

VG/A  Baxter, Jack and Joshua Faudem.  Mike’s Place: A True Story of Love, Blues, and Terror in Tel Aviv.  First Second, 2015.  189p.  978-1-59643-857-6.  22.99

In 2003, American documentary filmmaker, Jack Baxter decided to make a film about Tel Aviv bar, Mike’s Place. The bar was a popular blues club on the beach and the staff was like family. Baxter wanted to show a side of Israel that was not about politics, religion or war, but a human story. In April 2003, all that changed when there was a suicide bomber at Mike’s Place and 3 people were killed, including one of the waitresses. This book is a graphic adaptation of the events that took place and the making of the documentary film. The great artwork and storytelling (although a true story, some of the scenes are fictionalized) make this graphic novel worth reading. Loren Spector, LAPL, Memorial Branch

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