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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Last of the Sandwalkers

Graphic Novel

VG/A  Hosler, Jay.  Last of the Sandwalkers.  First Second, 2015.  312p.  978-1-62672-024-4.  16.99

Jay Hosler is not only the author and artist of this book, but also a biology professor, and it shows in this great graphic novel. Lucy is one of 5 beetles that sets out from their home in New Coleopolis on a scientific expedition trying to discover if there is life outside of their small oasis. When they find a human skeleton they can’t believe their luck of discovering such a giant and unusual specimen. Professor Owen wants the credit for the discovery and to keep control of what information is brought back to their community, so he launches the other 4 beetles out of the area. Lucy and her 3 companions survive and land in a foreign place where they see and survive dyno-soars (birds), spiders, snakes and lots of other beetles. On their journey back they learn more about the history (and secrets) of New Coleopolis and the world outside of their community. Hosler manages to incorporate lots of scientific information about beetles and other creatures without making it feel like a science text. He also has a great section of annotations that are informative and funny and a resource guide for readers that want to know more. It’s a great graphic novel for all ages and interests. Loren Spector, LAPL, Memorial Branch

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