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Monday, April 27, 2015


G/A  Downing, Erin.  For Soccer-Crazy Girls Only.  Feiwel, 2014.  145p.  978-1-250-04709-0.  15.99.  With much gung ho and rah-rah, there's information here that will genuinely appeal to female athletes dedicated to the game of soccer.  Enthusiasm and hard work are key elements for those who are already engaged in the sport.  There are adaptations of the game for those who are disabled and there's even a league -- in the U.S. -- for players who are homeless.  Beside advice on diet, exercise and strategies, there are mini-biographies on noted professional players (including a few men).  And there are brief histories and statistics related to the Olympics and World Cups.  Most of the tricolor pages (black, green, white) are illustrated with drawings and pictures.  Such a reasonable price makes this a worthwhile purchase for library collections in communities where soccer is popular.  As there is ample space provided for note taking, the title can also be given as a personal gift.  
E.M. Roublow (ret.)  

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