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Saturday, February 7, 2015

In Real Life

High School Graphic Novel

G/A  Doctorow, Cory.  In Real Life.  First Second, 2014.  175p.  978-1-59643-658-9.  17.99.

In Cory Doctorow’s first graphic novel, he explores the relationship between gaming and economics. When Anda joins the massive multi-player role-playing game, Coarsegold Online, she meets other hardcore gamers that absolutely hate gold farmers (players that mine for gold to be sold for cash and help others advance quicker). But when Anda befriends one of them, she learns that he is just a teenager like her that loves gaming but actually works as an online gold farmer in China to make money. As Anda struggles to help him, she learns how to live in both her real life and her very real Coarsegold life as well. The artwork is very clean and simple, which makes for an easy read. Either skip or read Doctorow’s heavy-handed introduction after finishing the graphic novel, otherwise it might scare you off. Loren Spector, LAPL, Memorial Branch

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