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Wednesday, December 3, 2014



G/A  Helms, Antje.  Does This Happen To Everyone?  Little Gestalten, 2014.  160p.  978-3-89955-521-9.  24.95.  Questions related to youth's developing bodies, first love, sex and pregnancy are addressed with partial to full page responses.  Color photographs of middle school kids are generously spread throughout the book.  "Creative" images (i.e. flowers representing facial pimples and underarm hair; seeds seen as a mustache; a cucumber wearing a condom; etc.) are also included.  While some levity probably allows for comfortable discussions of these subjects, it might also instigate inappropriate giggles.  Yet the relaxed "personality" of this book could provide a good platform for parent -- pre-teen interaction.  You'll not find an index but there is a generous list of web links.    E.M. Roublow (ret.)

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