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Monday, March 31, 2014



G/A  Brockenbrough, Martha.  Finding Bigfoot.  Feiwel, 2013.  978-1-250-04090-9.  14.99.  An absolute, unequivocal truth about the existence of an Asiatic yeti/abominable snowman  or  a  North American sasquatch/bigfoot has not yet been scientifically proven.  Fascination and interest in these "creatures," however, are supported by documented sightings, noises, and trackings.  And there's an ongoing Animal Planet documentary program with which this folio size book is affiliated.  Color tone pages form a backdrop for the text plus photos and illustrations, recipes, jokes, a question/answer section plus lists of movie titles and websites.  Welcome to an inviting source of information for everyone -- for those who believe, for those who doubt and for those who are simply curious.  
E.M. Roublow

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