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Saturday, June 8, 2013


G/A  Sedgwick, Marcus.  Midwinterblood.  Roaring Brook Press, 2013.  272p.  978-1596438002.  17.99.

Sedgwick’s latest novel is actually seven short stories that all take place on Blessed Island (a strange place in the very far north) over the course of history. All seven stories have characters with similar names, but the true connection between the stories is not revealed until the final story and epilogue. Each story is unique with some parts romance, mystery and horror. The only thing that might get in the reader’s way is spending too much time trying to connect the stories; it’s better to just enjoy them and wait until the end for the big reveal. This well-crafted and well-written book will certainly surprise and entertain readers of all ages. Loren Spector, LAPL, Felipe de Neve

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