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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


General Young Adult Fiction

F/A McEntire, Myra. Hourglass. Egmont, 2011. 408p. 978-1-60684-144-0. 17.99.

High school senior, Emerson Cole, can see dead people. Her brother hires handsome Michael Weaver, a consultant from Hourglass, to help Emerson overcome her issues. Michael can relate to her because he also sees dead people, although he explains that they are time ripples. Emerson and Michael have major chemistry, but she is a client so they cannot be together. The Hourglass organization is in turmoil though because their founder was recently murdered. Michael hatches a plan that involves him and Emerson traveling back in time to save the founder, but everything does not go as planned. Teens who like paranormal fiction will probably enjoy this book, but the twists and turns were confusing and sometimes pointless. None of the characters were particularly interesting or memorable either. The sequel comes out in 2012, but this reviewer won’t be reading it. Loren Spector, LAPL, Felipe de Neve

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