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Monday, November 7, 2011

Return to Daemon Hall

Young Adult Fiction

G/A Nance, Andrew. Return to Daemon Hall. Henry Holt. ISBN: 978-0-8050-8748-2. 240 p.; $16.99. 2011.

This is a sequel to Daemon Hall. However readers need not read the first novel. R.U. Tremblin is hosting a second short story contest for aspiring writers. He invited 5 students to his house this time instead of Daemon Hall. Each of the five students is given a chapter to write and the titles are from the Book of Daemon Hall. Among the five, one of them is last year’s winner Wade. Demarius, Matt, Millie and Lucinda joined Wade at Mr. Tremblin’s house to read their story. Strange things began to happen as they read their stories. They began to transport to the past and re-live the life at Daemon Hall. As they reveal each of their stories, they discovered that the stories were not written by them but by the spirit of Daemon Hall. For some strange reason Wade has not written the last chapter yet. Wade was actually glad because the first four chapters have gotten them living the past of Daemon Hall, and maybe if he write the last chapter to their advantage, they can actually get out of Daemon Hall. The he begins writing “The Leaving.” The tale has not ended there, and the author might have another tale of Daemon Hall after this novel. Each of the five stories told in this novel has very different flavors and each will chill you to your bones. For those who love horror stories, this will do the job. Dora Ho – Los Angeles Public Library

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