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Saturday, September 3, 2011


Adult Nonfiction

NR Jacob, Matthew. What the Great Ate. Three Rivers Press, 2010. 310p. 978-0-307-46195-7. 14.00. Did you know that Sacagawea ate marrow from a killed elk's shank bones or that fried chicken and Pepsi Cola were among Hugh Hefner's favorite foods in the 50s? Interesting food trivia is affiliated with other known persons such as Mother Teresa, David Beckham, Matthew Henson, etc. (Some names, however, are not as well known.) And some unusual foods for thought--and tasting? are raw dog, beer soup, Koumiss-fermented mare's milk and hashish fudge.

Since the format is not very attractive, teens are less likely to give this more than a passing glance.

E.M. Roublow, LAPL, San Pedro Branch

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