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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Dark City

General YA Fiction

G/A Fisher, Catherine. The Dark City (Relic Master #1). Dial, 2011. 384p. 0803736738. 16.99.

Galen and Raffi are relic masters of the Order. There are very few of their kind left. They have magical powers and are the keepers of magical relics left over from the extinct Makers. In this first of a 4-part series, Galen and Raffi travel to the old city of Tasceron to find the Crow so that Galen can gain his powers back. But they are being followed by the Watch, a group of enforcers that do not belive in the magic of relic masters. This book was better than expected, but committing to reading a 4-part series is difficult unless the book is amazing. There was a lot of adventure and action, but the ending was not satisfying. This series will still appeal to teens who enjoy fantasy/adventure novels. Loren Spector, LAPL, Felipe de Neve

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