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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Twenty Gold Falcons

Middle School Fiction Category

G/A Gordon, Amy. The Twenty Gold Falcons. Holiday House. 2010. ISN: 978-0-8234-2252-4.. 216p. $16.95.

Twelve years old Aiden Farmer moved back to Gloria with her mother where her great-grandfather once lived. Moving into Uncle Tony’s apartment was the only thing that she and her mom can afford now after her father passed away. Aiden grows up on a farm so people in school call her the “Farmer” girl and she definitely was not part of the “in crowd”. Her only friend at school was a nerd named Adam. One day, Marisa the most popular girl in school announced that she is going to find the Gold Falcons in the Ingle Building. It just happened that her Uncle Tony’s apartment was in the Ingle Building. Together with Adam and cousin Liesl, she not only find the Gold Falcons, but also some of her long lost relatives inside this building. In this book the Gold Falcons refers to the gold coins that Aiden’s grand-grandfather once collected. A good adventure story for middle-grade readers. Dora Ho, Los Angeles Public Library - Youth Services.

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