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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Clockwork Three

Middle School Fiction, G/A (Good, Average Reading Level)

Kirby, Matthew. The Clockwork Three. Scholastic, 2010. 400p. 978-0-545-20337-1. $17.99.

Three children, down on their luck, from different parts of the city, find themselves drawn together by circumstances that could change their lives forever. First, we meet Giuseppe, a street urchin and brilliant violinist. Will the gorgeous green violin he's found free him from the scheming Stephano or pull him into further debt? Then, we meet Frederick, a talented clockmaker's apprentice with a blurry past. A bright future may await Frederick, should he finish his secret project. Last, but not least, we are introduced to once wealthy Hannah, who now works as a hotel maid. Can these three trust each other to find the fortune and freedom that each of them seek? This adventure would appeal to tween fans of Pullman's His Dark Materials series and light steampunk.

-Candice Mack, Los Angeles Public Library

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